Coydog Puppies Available -
Born Feb. 14, 2014

Nala and Rip welcome 4 coydog pups (all male) 2 black with white toes, 1 choclate tipped (will turn coyote colored with chocolate tips) and one coyote colored with white blaze. 1 black male is sold.

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Nala & Rips 2014 Litter
Coydog Gallery

coydog Nala and puppies

Puppies up to 2 weeks

coydog puppy with blazecoydog puppycoydog puppycoydog puppiescoydog and puppiescoydog and puppiescoydog and puppiescoydog and puppycoydog puppiescoydog and puppies

News Flash- Fenix from the 2012 litter will be filming a part in movie. Due to an NDA we can't say which one and where (at least till after it is released but....) you can watch her audtion in the studio.


Coydog Puppies 2013 Gallery

coydog puppies

Puppies at 8 - 9 weeks

coydog puppy Decoycoydog puppy Decoycoydog puppy Macoycoydog puppy Macoy

Puppies at 5 - 7 weeks

coydog puppycoydog puppycoydog puppy Decoycoydog puppy Decoycoydog puppy Decoycoydog puppy Decoycoydog puppycoydog puppycoydog puppy

Puppies at 4 weeks

coydog puppycoydog male pup "Macoy"coydog puppy Macoycoydoy puppy female PEPEcoydog puppy female

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Think you would like to own a Wildside Coydog?

We are very particular about where our puppies go. Prospective Owners MUST meet the following conditions:

All pups have had Early Neurological Stimulation. here is a short video about the benefits.


Why Choose a Wildside CoyDog?

I originally chose to do a test breeding to see if I could produce an animal that would be more comfortable around people while still retaining the coyote appearance and native intelligence for the movie work I do. The first litter exceeded all my hopes and dreams.

I didn't have to worry about them being shy but being overly enthusiastic greeters of new people. They turned out to be social butterflies. Two of the puppies went to a movie animal trainer in Los Angeles where they are preparing for careers in the film industry and by all accounts exceeding our admittedly high expectations. Two more are actively training for agility competition here in BC and are going to make waves when they start competing as they are so fast, so agile and so very, very smart - Loca and Fenix just appeared in their second movie role and have another scheduled. Another puppy, Josie, when to a family home where she is much loved and enjoyed for her happy, friendly personality.  Pix who still lives with me is working toward movie work as well. Every puppy in this litter proved to be very smart, trainable and happy to be with people.

As an animal trainer and dog sport competitor this cross just blows me away. They are super fast learners, picking up complex tricks in only a few iterations, they are incredibly strong and agile for both their size and age and contrary to uneducated beliefs, highly social with strong nerves. As a not unexpected bonus they have incredible sence of smell and great focus for scenti work.

For someone looking for an agility CARO rally, or detection dog prospect the puppies still available from the second litter would make an excellent choice.


Coyote Nala with Ashley Nala on set - trying to stay cool


Nala is very sweet, intelligent, athletic and quick. As is common with coydogs she is especially bonded with one person and tends to be aloof with strangers.

Coyote Spirit

Coyote Spirit

Nala had the opportunity to star in Coyote Spirit which was filmed on the first nations reserve for the Osoyoos Indian Band (NK'MIP).

Before filming took place the elders held a ceremony to welcome Nala in honour of their totem spirit the coyote. They chanted, drummed and smudged sage smoke to bless the film project. They recounted a legend of their tribe involving Coyote, Snake and Grandfather Rock, which recounted how coyote tricked Snake so he lost his arms and legs, but kept his rattle.

This film tells the story of a young Indian teenager who was sent to spend a summer with her grandmother and grandfather on their ranch in the Okanagan desert. Unhappy at first, over the summer she came to understand and appreciate her heritage.

It was a great experience filming this documentary and learning about the NK'MIP band's rich heritage and legends.

Watch Video below for some clips of Nala working

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Rip is a purebred Border Collie who is extremely intelligent. He is eager to work and play and is very social not only with people but he plays nice with other animals.  

He comes from many generations of happy, healthy, prick eared dogs.

Owning a CoyDog

  • Coydogs bond very strongly to one person - they may like several familiy members but they will definitely pick one person to share the strongest bond.
  • Coydogs are highly intelligent, athletic and super fast.
  • Because of their wild heritage coydogs can be shy so early socialization and training is a must.
Indian legend declares that the first dogs were obtained somewhere in the north by men who had spread snares in front of a rocky cave and scattered partially decayed meat about the place. In those early times dogs were very valuable, and not many possessed them. Sometimes young coyotes were caught and at maturity were bred with female dogs.


Nala & Rips - 2012 Litter

Fenix Gets Her Agility On

Fenix with owner trainer Brandy is showing off her working drive and incredible speed an agility as she works towards agility competition. Is it a bird, a plane? No its a flying Fenix.




Wiley Learns Agility at 4 Months

This is Wiley with outstanding helper Liz doing some agility. You can see how much these Coydog pups enjoy working!




Josie Does Puppy Class

This is a video of Josie after 6 Puppy Beginner Classes at Canine Costars Training.

Josie is a 13 week old coydog. She shows attention in movement (heel), stand stay and a recall onto a upseat. She is loved & trained by Justin & Tanya.

My Grandson Doing Agility with the Coydogs

These pups love to work and are so motivated even my grandson can handle them!

These guys will make someone very promising agility prospects because they are super fast, extremely agile and of course they love to work.

All You Need is Love

This video was created as an answer to people who insist that coydogs are not trainable. Wierdly enough the people who insist they are not trainable have in most cases not actually met a Coydog. This puppy loves to work and is one of the most intelligent willing puppies I have every trained.

Because of the music the video may not play in page but you can click this to watch the video on youtube.

News Flash - Coydog Pups Appear in Upcoming Feature Film "Red Machine"

coydog puppies smallAs an Animal Coordinator for movies and television I am often asked to provide wild or wild looking animals for films and television. In a recent day on set Canine Costars provided a couple of young coydogs (coyote / dog hybrid) for the up coming feature “Red Machine”. Such hybrids are often chosen because while they look like their wild progenitors they have the work-ability and more solid temperament of the canine side of their ancestry.

coydog puppyThese chunky puppies had a great day on set being fussed over by both cast and crew and got to film their scene in a forested area in the Seymour Demonstration Forest. One of the things we note about this rare litter of coydogs is that they are far more coordinated then canine pups of the same age. They are extremely intelligent and even at this young age already know and can perform many trained behaviours on cue. In the pictures they look a little dirty – this was actually a gel makeup to make them look more “wild” . For playing a wild animal being a bit scrawnier and having a less plush coat would have helped sell the wild animal part. Unfortunately – we had to scruffy them up using make-up because these puppies were solid, round and plushy looking.

These puppies were of course raised on Chow for Now natural dog food. We feed them several times a day and add a bit of warm water and do slightly thaw the food. For the weaning period (the time when we are switching them from their mother’s milk to real food) a milk supplement was added to help with the transition process.


Coydog Puppies

  • Coydog puppy with childThe litter consists of 2 males and 5 females
  • Nala and Rip's pups have been raised under foot and have had agreat deal of handling and socialization
  • All pups are very social
  • All pups have had Early Neurological Stimulation. here is a short video about the benefits
  • Pups have been house broke to a potty box & doggy door
  • Pups have been wormed & given 1st shots
  • Puppies will be able to join their new families February 6th, 2012
  • Prospective owners MUST have a completely fenced backyard
  • It would be good if the new owner has another dog that has a happy social personality

Puppy Gallery

Coydog puppies

Adults - Loca

coydog - LocaCoydog - Localoca enjoying the Snowloca - skijouringloca skijouringcoydog skijouring

8 weeks

coydoy puppiestwin girl coydog puppymale coydog puppymale coydog pupcoydog puppyDaisy - coydog female

Coydog puppies 6 weeks

coydog puppy female crooked blazecoydog female - crooked blaze 6 weeks - sitting (sort of)coydog female crooked blaze - out and aboutmale coydog puppy - rt eye blue - 6 weekscoydog puppy male rt eye blue - looking quite coyotecoydog puppy female - thin stripe - 6 weekscoydog puppy female thin stripecoydog hybrid puppy dark female - 6weekscoydog hybrid puppy dark female - 6weekscoyote hybrid puppy - dark female - 6 weeks oldcoydog puppy female itty bittycoydog puppy female - itty bitty 6 weekscoydog puppy female - itty bittycoydog puppy female - itty bittycoydog puppy female chocolate & whitecoydog puppy female - chocolate & white

coydog puppycoy-dog puppiesCoydog puppycoydog puppy playingcoydog puppyplay with me

Coydog puppies at 4 weeks

Coydog puppy malecoydog - dark male puppycoydog puppy female 4 weeks - thin blazecoydog puppy - brown girl -white toes
coydog female - crooked stripecoydog female - right blue eye